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Our new collection is here!

Posted on October 25, 2016

We are proud to present our new collection with a range of products designed for both you and your home. Drawing inspiration from Nordic patterns and colour palettes, our new pieces as usual celebrate traditional craft methods and minimalist, modern design.

Influenced by the structural qualities of weaving Kuto & Rombi are conceived as multi-purpose poufs, using interlocking bands to create something that is strong and sculptural.

The Pikku backpack similarly incorporates weaving patterns by using an entwined four-part grid motif, whilst the naturally tanned leather gives it a tough exterior capable of enduring all aspects of day-to-day wear.

Looking to traditional basket-making, the Twist storage bags engage these techniques with the textural softness of wool.

The Naiv set of cushions and blankets return to the evocations of Nordic architecture using a recurring cutaway pattern reminiscent of the shapes used on traditional wooden roof tiles.

The materials and methods used for these products are always kept simple, allowing the artisanal skill and refined design to speak for themselves.