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Keep the clutter at bay with our new Asphalt boxes

Posted on January 29, 2015

Need fresh ideas? Keep clutter at a minimum and get organized for a new start this spring. Our new Asphalt paves the way.

With drafts and patterns scattered across our desk, and varying samples filling our bustling studio, we don’t mind a little creative chaos every now and again. But for fresh ideas to flow more freely, we prefer our space free from clutter and distractions.


Our new Asphalt boxes are a practical and stylish storage solution for your home and work. They keep papers, and useful knick-knacks in one tidy place, while blending in effortlessly with all kinds of different interiors.

Inspired by timeless Scandinavian design and traditional basket making techniques, they combine Nordic simplicity and the natural aesthetic of wooden details and woven pattern.

Made from recycled leather, the boxes have a rubber-like, yet gritty texture, and are a lovely mottled anthracite colour reminiscent of grey stone – hence the name Asphalt. We selected recycled leather because it is a natural and durable material. It has the same physical properties as leather, but is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

At the Kumeko studio, we keep our samples and work supplies in one box, and our diverse inspiration in another. Now it’s easy to find what we’re looking for, exactly when we need it.