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How the KUTO pouf was conceived

Posted on January 24, 2017

Inspired by traditional woven patterns, we reimagined a Finnish birch bark basket in our new range of poufs with the name KUTO, derived from the Finnish ‘kutoa’ – ‘to weave’.

When choosing the material we opted for natural fibres and a durable structure of felted upholstery fabric, produced in Switzerland from high quality wool. The naturally water-repellent wool combines durability and softness , whilst the non-woven felted structure matches perfectly with the plaited design.

Kuto process_01_820x574

After months spent in the studio experimenting with forms and details the design was finally completed in summer 2016. We are now proud to introduce KUTO as a lovely addition to the Kumeko collection. Available in two forms, as a stool or ottoman, Kuto poufs come in four different colours that evoke the imagery of Nordic nature: Pine Forest, River Stone, Misty Morning and Winter’s Day.

Kuto process_02_820x574